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Last updated date:Sun, 09 Dec 2018 11:44:02 GMT80000 to 100000 AED yearly
  • 4 Bedroom Villa for Rent in Mecca, Western Region - Luxurious Rooftop Villa Southern Jeddah
    Al Jamiah, Mecca, Western Region
    45350 Sq. M.

    Luxurious Rooftop Villa Southern Jeddah

    جان العقارية
  • 3 Bedroom Villa for Rent in Mecca, Western Region - اسكان الملك فهد الجديد
    Mecca, Western Region
    33400 Sq. M.

    اسكان الملك فهد الجديد

Splendid Architecture, is it only in Mecca and Al-Haram area?

clock tower

Almost millions of visitors come to Mecca every year; about 99% of them come to perform Hajj (pilgrimage) or Umra (minor pilgrimage). They all notice the beauty of its architecture and its big high towers, like (Al-bayt) towers gathering, on which the biggest clock in the world was built. Does that mean that real estates are only available in this area? Knowing that the total area of Mecca is 850 km2 and its population is roughly 1.800.000 inhabitants.

The answer is absolutely no! Mecca has lots of elegant neighborhoods and luxurious villas like in Al-Shawqiyah neighborhood for example.

When you want to buy a villa in Mecca you should take the following into consideration:

  • You should go and see the villas, if you live abroad don’t authorize somebody else to buy it for you; he may like it but you don't.
  • If it was used before, ask about its age.
  • Care more about the quality of the construction than the appearance and the colors, especially plumbing and electricity.
  • Consult experienced people before buying, go and see the villa many times, because each time you will notice new imperfections or advantages that you haven’t noticed before.
  • Keep in mind that you will never find the exact villa you wish for, what matters is that you find one that you are satisfied with and then you can modify whatever you want.
  • Some experts recommend that the villa frontage should be to the east then to the south.
  • Don’t buy a villa on a narrow street.
  • The closer to the street, the better; because being close to the street makes it easier to get in and out.
  • The price should be affordable.
  • Ask about the neighbors, since one may leave his house because of a bad neighbor.

As for the rents of the villas in Mecca, they vary according to the location but they start from forty thousand Saudi Riyals a year, and could reach more than fifty thousand Saudi Riyals.

How to search for a villa? And what should be done?

There are many places where you can find villas' ads but in this technology era it's great that you can find internet websites that rent or sell villas or other property, some of those even attach a picture of the villa to give you a general idea about it. But it really is necessary that you have the owner’s number to ask him everything. For example; you may ask if there are shops near the villa, is emergency help nearby? How far away is the grocery store?

You also should write everything, you should sit with the owner and sign a contract that protects your rights, and make sure that there are no further expenses like taxes, repair costs…etc